Screenwriting rules?

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There’s something that’s been troubling me for a few days so I’m eager to hear what you all think. Are flashbacks lazy in screenplays?

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The Amateur Film Project in a Nutshell


The Amateur Film Project grew out of my desire to make my feature film Frozen Lake.
I didn’t really have a plan at the beginning, nor did I know at first which feature I’d make. But I had to do it. And I have to do it in the next few years.
I have my reasons, but that’s another post for another day.

I tried a few ways to  kick-start my feature film.
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Why Frozen Lake?


Last year I started planning my first ever feature length screenplay: Frozen Lake.

At first Frozen Lake was just a little idea that I forced my head to conjure up in order to pass one of my second year film modules.

We were told to write a treatment for a feature film idea with the intention of transforming it into a whole script in our final year of our film degree as our discipline.

“Yeah, right…”

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Frozen Lake


In the dystopian future of 2075, an immortal man in his mid-fifties, who has been in and out of prison for nearly thirty years, is discovered by a hurt and bitter fourteen year old girl, who is thrown into prison awaiting death’s row. She evokes a memory of his long forgotten promise to his daughter, and together they successfully flee from the prison and embark to the man’s hometown at the Frozen Lake; a journey they must take in order for her to be free from the grasps of the repressive society and for him to be free of the clutches of his painful past by finally fulfilling his thirty year old promise.


I’ve never made a feature film.
I’m not a professional filmmaker.
I’m an amateur, bumbling her way through a film degree.
But that’s okay.
I am an amateur and I’m proud.
I’m proud to be making my first feature. My way.
I don’t need a big budget.
I don’t need the most expensive equipment.
I don’t need a big crew.
I don’t need any of these to succeed.
I will make this film.

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Let nothing hold you back.
Dream big.
This is our story.