Sweet Nothings ♥

Hai guys ♥

Been to London again – spent time with Dad which usually means too much alcohol and curry ★

Now I’m back in Cornwall and fairly busy the next few days.
More jobs opportunities.
More CVs.
More cover letters.
More screenwriting
& more filmmaking.
Hurray! ♥

So just a short post today with one of my latest short film scripts: Sweet Nothings.

I talked about this before when I was scratching my filmmaking itch. I put three ideas forward to you guys to see which one you all would like to see turned into a short film. Sweet Nothings did come out on top and is the next project after I finish Summer in Cornwall.

Here’s the current draft of Sweet NothingsJASMINE HARRISON – Sweet Nothings
Feedback needed/wanted ★

Updates on my latest feature screenplay The Alchemist will be given in my next post.

Talk soon ♥