About Me

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My name is Jaz ♥
I was born in Wales in 1994.
All my life I have changed schools, addresses, countries and languages.
Right now I live in Cornwall, England as a Film Graduate from the Falmouth School of Film & Television.

Never having a true home has never bothered me.
I don’t need a certain place, nor a house to have a home.
My home is my hobbies, my memories and my dreams.
And that’s all I need.

The current dream: to make Frozen Lake into a feature film.
Can I do it in the next five years on my own?
Follow me on my journey to find out.

If you like…
Life-changing Films,
Never-ending Games,
Long scenic Walks,
Powerful Books,
Falling in love with Fictional Characters ♥
…then you will feel right at home with this awkward nerdy gal.

and meet Scruff.
My grumpy PA ♥