Writing The Alchemist ★


Hai guys ♥

So the crap weather has destroyed my filmmaking plans for now but it’s given me the time to sit on my arse all day and write my next feature script!

So I have good news and bad news.
The good news is that I have achieved a 1st degree in Film and I rewarded myself with a new gaming PC ★
The bad news is that the gaming PC has some faults and needs to be sent back for repair.

On the upside it means I can stop playing games for a while and get back to real life issues such as…
All that jazz.

Plus, I can get back to writing The Alchemist, so all is good ♥

Though I’ve mentioned The Alchemist before, I haven’t really talked about what it’s about. I’ve been holding off as I figure out the nuts and bolts of my story. Next post will include a mini-treatment of The Alchemist – so keep a look out!


On a similar note, I have a question about my characters in The Alchemist
As with all my writing/film projects – I go around telling as many people as I can and cram in all the feedback, ideas and suggestions into my little head – ready for the editing process.

I got some, I would call, ‘strange’ feedback the other day. Something I haven’t even thought about before.

“So… your main characters are Swedish and Japanese?”
“Yesh ★”
“And you’re supporting characters are German, French, Native-American and Afro-Caribbean?”
“Yesh ★”
“And… Afon, from your last script, was Russian? Maya, British-Asian and Lao, Chinese?”
“Yesh ★”
“Are you ashamed or something?”


“Like… you’re British, shouldn’t you write about, you know, your own kind?”

My own kind?

I was… a little bit shocked, to say the least. I had never thought about it.
When creating my characters I don’t actually think much about their nationalities.Their ethnicities are usually influenced by people I know or characters I’ve come to love from other films/books/shows/games. They aren’t always British.
Does that mean I’m denying ‘my own kind’?
Should I just write about British people?
Though I respect this person’s opinion I would have to disagree.
Some of my most favourite authors and screenwriters write characters who don’t share the same nationality as their creators.
The themes in my script aren’t inherently ‘British’ – they are universal. Therefore, shouldn’t the characters be universal and not all British?

Though I have no intention of changing my characters’ ethnicities (I created these characters so long ago now that they’ve become their own people that are beyond changeable), I am genuinely worried that people will question why I don’t always write British characters and will think I am out of my depth in what I write…

What are your thoughts on what I should do?

Any thoughts on the topic would be really helpful to me.

For now, I will carry on writing The Alchemist and hope that maybe something or someone will clear my mind of my worries and insecurities.

Maybe? ★







One thought on “Writing The Alchemist ★

  1. You have never put a label on people in your whole life , just accepted people and characters for there personality ,not there creed background, nationality, race or age, stick to what you believe in and always have , as you say these characters have personalitys , not the colour of the skin,.you have always strife to be different , stay the same …..


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