New Projects ★


Hai guys ♥

With Frozen Lake sent out to film festivals and with me sat on my sofa waiting for responses for job applications, I have found myself with a bit of time on my hands – time for a new project!

Well… Time for several new projects ★
I’m writing my second feature The Alchemist and the several shorts I talked about before.
I’m still location hunting, doing prep work and putting together funds for Frozen Lake
& I’m making my next short: Summer in Cornwall – which would have been perfect a couple of weeks back when the weather was beautiful, clear blue skies instead of this drizzling, muggy grey.

The Alchemist is, on the surface, similar to Frozen Lake –  set in a dystopian future where the world is split into three factions who are preparing to go to war with one another. Set in the same universe as Frozen Lake, just a couple of centuries afterwards, making this world more advanced and harbouring more sci-fi elements.
I’m not going to reveal that much just yet as I’m only thirty pages into writing it and still figuring out the kinks to the story. Once I have a bit more grasp on the plot more will be revealed.
I will say I love the protagonist, Rixi: an award-winning scientist dying to ditch her lab coat to become a war hero as her faction starts mass-recruiting soldiers. She’s fierce, she’s tough and she’s extremely brash. I love her ♥

I have once again been out and about with the boyf scouting for potential locations for Frozen Lake – this time on my doorstep ♥
Went out for a drive around my area and found myself in some rural woods minutes away from my town. I actually recorded video instead of taking photos for a change… though I should really turn the camera off when I’m done filming to avoid my random thoughts being caught on camera:


Will edit the actual footage together for the next post for you all to see ★

Finally, I’ve been working on my next short: Summer in Cornwall.
It follows a phone conversation  between exes Joel and Cass as they recount their memories together. Their memories are at first a pleasant reminder of their summer getaways in Cornwall, however as their conversation takes a turn, their memories change and become tainted as they both remember the events, and their relationship, very differently.

We never see Cass and Joel’s faces, we just hear their conversation in voice-over as a montage of their memories are played on screen. I’m thinking bright colouring, with soft focus for the first half and they grey-washed & heavy-contrast for the final half. Only a five minute short but I’m happy to be working on something again. It’s been a while since I’ve had the time and minimal stress to work on something like this – it makes me happy ♥

Also for this short – since it is set in Cornwall – I plan to film at the beach. Mostly at Trevellas, Trevaunance and Carlyon Bay as they are my favourite places to swim at.
Do the shoot then take a swim, perfect ♥
& as another excuse to swim… I bought a gopro, with help from the boyf, to go swimming with so I can have some nice underwater shots for Summer in Cornwall!

I’ve done a couple of test shoots but still learning. I accidentally set the camera to 720p since I forgot to change 60fps to 40fps in order shoot in 1080p annoyingly. In my defence, the GoPro Hero Session is tiny and it took me a while to figure out how to configure it properly!

I’ve never shot anything under water so initially I was terrified of putting the camera in the ocean.
What if it’s not actually waterproof?
What if it breaks?
What if water gets into it?

I’m happy with the camera and with a bit more practice it will make some nice shots for my short.
I also have my voice actress for Cass and two potentials for Joel right now so overall very happy with how everything is going.

Still got to find a job…

But hey! This is another addition to my portfolio which will enhance my chances for employment. Right?
Right! ★


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