A Green Post-Apocalyptic World

New Forest 26.jpg

Hai guys ♥

The New Forest is one of my most favourite places in the world. Full of overgrowth and greenery… perfect for a couple of scenes in Frozen Lake me thinks ★

I spent a few days at the New Forest before I went onto London to look for film work.

I really loved it there. It was like being in a fantasy where you would expect an elf to be playing harp, surrounding by tiny dancing fairies flying in the air like sparkly dust particles ★

New Forest 24

Not exactly the setting you’d expect for a post-apocalyptic world (as many people have graciously told me on numerous occasions…).

“Why isn’t a wasteland?”
“Why isn’t it desert?”
“Where’s all the destroyed cities?”
“Why so much forest?”
“Why so green?”


Maybe I just life wildlife?
Maybe I like expanses of greenery bursting with life?
Maybe my script isn’t a post-apocalyptic sci-fi after all?
I’m just kidding.
In all seriousness the genre/setting has very little to do the story itself, it is just used as a tool to isolate my main characters in order to create different dynamics and strains within their relationships. The setting & genre itself is not really explored.

As for why I’ve made the world of Frozen Lake like an elven paradise – I have several vague-ish reasons:

1 – Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker is one of my favourite films and not to mention a big influence for Frozen Lake. He portrays “The Zone”, a radioactive zone, as an extensive mass of trees, overgrowth and green fields. Very nice.

2- I am a country gal.
I grew up in Wales along side the sea.
I lived in the middle of nowhere in France where the only thing you could see was fields, forests and sometimes an angry farmer waving his fist in the distance.
I currently reside in Cornwall – one of the most picturesque places in the world.
I love living in the country and I love nature ♥

3- My favourite colour is green.

So summing up… there is no real reason.
There isn’t really a motif behind the unusual post-apocalyptic setting, nor am I trying to be different.
I just like nature.
Sorry to disappoint ★

Also – as promised – here is the excerpt from Frozen Lake that I am hoping to film at the New Forest.

Frozen Lake Excerpt – Lao’s Treehouse & Forest

It is the introduction to the cheerful yet mysterious Lao. Lao is a Chinese man in his sixties who has lived in a tree house since the nuclear blasts thirty years prior.
The New Forest is very much how I pictured Lao’s forest – overgrown with trees towering over you.

& I imagine Lao’s tree house sits on this bad boy:

New Forest 19.jpg

Hope you guys like those couple of scenes – be sure to let me know what you all think!

Talk to you soon ★



2 thoughts on “A Green Post-Apocalyptic World

  1. I think that having the new forest as a post-apocalyptic setting is bad ass.

    Like, mother nature doesn´t even care that humans where here because this is her turf and your buildings can just get on out.

    Liked by 1 person

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