The Unemployed Film Graduate

Hai guys ♥

It has been a while and a lot has happened. Mostly I went from an engaged, happy film student to a struggling, desperate, unemployed graduate. Meep.

So in the past few weeks…
I finished my dissertation.
Did a third draft of Frozen Lake.
Handed them both in.
Took a trip to the New Forest.
Scavenged the country for film related work
& found myself back in Cornwall.

Opportunities arose but none that made me want to abandon the friends and memories I have made here. I love Cornwall and deep down I want to stay here.
But all is not lost – a few interviews are coming up in the next couple of weeks relating to film work so fingers crossed for that!

For now the plans are to look for work, build up my portfolio and start sending Frozen Lake to scriptwriting contests – the current one being Screencraft’s Sci-Fi category who’s early bird deadline ends soon which I must make.
Because… you know… money… unemployed… you know the drill.
I opened up my third draft of Frozen Lake to redraft and edit one more time before sending it off… only to discover a massive spelling error within the first five pages.
I died inside.
On the upside, this has taught me to leave my script alone for a couple of weeks before editing so you can see these fundamental flaws.
Lesson learnt.
Lesson learnt hard.

Going on from the script, I am still very much planning to make Frozen Lake into a feature.
My trip to the New Forest was actually for location scouting.
Will post some photos in tomorrow’s blog post along with an extract from Frozen Lake so you can all see what I hope to use the forest for ♥
My problem right now is that my money is slooooowly going down (including the funds I set aside for Frozen Lake) due to the joys of being unemployed.
Also by being inactive for the past few weeks I may have lost people’s interest in my amateur project.
My own fault & I apologise.
I will pull my finger out and get back to posting at least twice a week ★

Onwards and upwards from here on out!

Talk to you all tomorrow.
Promise ♥


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