Eager Beaver Writer


Hai guys ♥

Been a while since my last post – the joys of going on holiday!
Holidays mean lots of travelling. Travelling means day dreaming. Day dreaming means too many story ideas.

So I spent a few days with my Dad for Easter and his birthday in Berkshire, then a few days in Kent with the boyf.
Too much food, a lot of wine, a trip to Dungeness, a walk around Eagle Heights and husky-sledging. Not bad ♥


Throughout the hours of each car journey I found myself day dreaming about the places I had visited – creating stories out of the imagery of the locations – especially Dungeness.

★ A creepy ghost story amongst the rotten and abandoned fishing boats:

★ A western on the desert-like beaches:

★ & this metal shack would be perfect for another feature script I’m writing called The Alchemist set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future:

I’m also writing The Ronin, Paper TowersParadox, Clara Stone, Hicker Dickery and… and… and … when do I stop?

At one point do I tell myself enough is enough?

I keep coming up with so many ideas and writing them all simultaneously with the full intention of finishing them.
Is this good or bad?
Will I eventually burn out?
Or will they all get done?
How will they ever be finished when I just keep adding to the pile of ideas?

Driving home today, I was thinking about all my ideas and trying to decide which ones to prioritise.
Frozen Lake is my main priority obviously since I’m making it into a feature and it’s a part of my degree.
But what afterwards?
I love all my stories equally.
All the characters, themes and plots harbour something from me and my personality.
I feel like dropping any of them would be like denying some part of me.

Having said that, I feel like I’m at the point of being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stories I keep coming up with.
I don’t want to deny my inspiration and creativity, but I don’t want to allow it to be crushed by my inability to pick and choose what to write and create.

So my question is: how do my fellow eager beaver writers cope with the inflation of ideas?
How do you pick and choose which stories to pursue?
& how do you keep creativity at bay when working on current projects?

I had a lovely holiday but back to work now! ★



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