Taking a break ★


Hai guys ♥

Today I did nothing work related. I didn’t touch my dissertation. I didn’t touch my script. I didn’t even think about Frozen Lake.
& it was great ★

For the past week or so I’ve found myself dragging my heels a bit when it comes to university work.

At the beginning of the year I was working on my script, Frozen Lake – writing the whole first draft, going back and tweaking it.
I advanced pretty far, pretty quick.
I handed it into my supervisor and she said she’d have it back to me in two weeks (it ended up being a whole month but oh well…).
So, I thought: “Right! With that out of my hair for a few weeks I can get a move on with writing my dissertation! ★”


I hadn’t looked at my dissertation research for nearly a month and a half.

My script had taken up so much of my time, especially as I began planning on turning it into a feature, that it had forced all the dissertation knowledge out of my head.

I had to go back through my notes and figure out where I was.
I set myself up a bit with the topic I chose.
I’m looking at ronin characters in Japanese jidaigeki films from the 1920s – 1960s.
I love those films. Harakiri, Yojimbo, Orochi, Sword of Doom – love them ♥
But to really understand them and analyse them I had to spend hours looking at Japanese culture, society, history and politics.
I had crammed 40 years of another nation’s history into my head in the space of a few months.

But it had gone.
My mind was blank.
Even after reading my research portfolio I couldn’t decipher everything. So I went back and reread all the books and tried to link them with a plan I had drawn up for the structure of my dissertation.
After I had finally caught up again, I received feedback for my script.

I was excited to ditch the dense text books to get back to my baby Frozen Lake ♥

But it niggled me.
I knew I had fallen behind on my dissertation.
& when attempting to redraft Frozen Lake that worry hung over me.

So I shut Final Draft down, opened up my word documents and stared blankly at my dissertation plan.

I was in a creative mood which stopped me working on my dissertation.
But my conscience and worry stopped me from working on my script.
A vicious circle.

( I like to make you think it’s all doom and gloom, only to then whip out some Jazy happiness on you ★)

My friends came to the rescue ♥
We went out today.
Good laughs.
Tasty food.
A great time.

Even though I didn’t sleep last night and I’ve been outside all day, I don’t think I’ve felt so refreshed and awake in a long time.
To just allow myself a breather felt wonderful.

& I’m actually eager to get on with my dissertation now.
Which in turn will allow my enthusiasm for Frozen Lake to bloom again.

So if you’re struggling to work on whatever project you’re doing:
Allow yourself some me-time.
Give your mind some breathing room.
& take a break ★

Ps. We all need rainbow cake in our lives!



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