Reading Scripts ★

Hai guys ♥

I love reading scripts. I love reading scripts more than watching films sometimes. Sometimes 

You’d be surprised at how many scripts there are floating around on the internet.
Type in your favourite film with “PDF script” next to it into a search engine: you may be surprised.

But my true love: amateur scripts ♥

There everywhere. Short, feature, TV, stage.
People putting their work out to the world to give their readers a few moments of escapism.
I love it!

What’s wonderful is that since I started TheAmateurFilmProject writers have been sending  me their scripts asking me to give them feedback.


I only started scriptwriting two years back.
And really by accident.
I was working on a short film for one of my university modules.
My crew knew the idea, the story and the brief so we got on with the pre-production work while we left the writer to the script.
Cut a long story short, the writer made excuses not to show us the script and lied about the progress.
The day before the rehearsal with actors, after several heated arguments and phone calls, we managed to get a hold of the ‘script’.
It was a list. No dialogue, no action, no scenes. Nothing.
He then left on stress and I was stuck with writing it.
I had never written a script before.
I had no idea of the rules or the format.
I was completely loss. But I had to do it.
I chained myself to a computer with my producer for eight hours and shat out the script. It was an interesting experience to say the least!

The next year I attended a screenwriting module so I was prepared god-forbid this were to ever happen again.

I received my highest grade ever in that module.
& now here I am ★

So I’m still very much a newbie when it comes to screenwriting.
& the fact that people still value my opinion in regards to their work really touches me – makes me feel all fuzzy inside ♥

And I love read scripts.
Especially by people I know too. You really get to see their personality and their voice shine through.

You also find some real gems amongst amateur work.

I read a short script last week that was sent to me.
After finishing it I wanted to get on my knees, bow and bask in their glory: Teach me your ways, oh, talented one!

& it’s always the modest ones that are the real geniuses.

“This is just a first draft so it’s not going to be great…”
“That’s okay – I’m sure I will love it ♥”
-opens script-
-rays of light emerge from the page at the sound of angel’s singing-
“Oh my ★”
“I told you it was bad”

Shush, you amazing human being!

To be honest, there has never been a script I’ve read that I would consider bad. There are too many different styles, genre and voices for someone to pick good and bad as if it were black and white.

I don’t think there are good or bad scripts.
Just different ones.

& by reading scripts I’m learning how to become a better writer and a better filmmaker. Which will in turn allow me to help others improve.

Which is what we all should be doing ★

So keep sending me your work – they make a nice bedtime read for me ♥




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