Should you pay your crew & actors?

Hai guys ♥

Another question today!

As an amateur filmmaker who is struggling to get the funds for a feature film – should I pay my crew and actors?

Keep your hair on!
I actually do intend on paying everyone who works with me on Frozen Lake in anyway I can.

I’m just curious to what extent I can accept people’s generosity?

As mentioned before, I’m quite familiar with my community in Cornwall.
A lot of them follow this blog and have already offered to help me… for free!

“I’ve been follow your blog – I had no idea you were trying to make a feature film!”
“Well that’s the dream ★”
“I’d love to help in anyway I can!”
“Really? Thank you ever so much ♥”
“I can bring my food van and provide food for everyone”
“That’s amazing – how much would that cost? ★”
“Cost? No I don’t need pay – I just want to help you”

Just want to help me..?

I’m so touched by people’s generosity.
These people owe me nothing, yet they want to put themselves forward to help me.
Their time, money and effort put into something I have a passion for.
It’s wonderful ♥

But can I always accept this generosity?
I feel kinda crummy not being able to pay these people back.
I mean… I will give them a credit in a film, a special thank you, probably throw a party for these amazing people – but is that enough?

And how can I justify paying for one person’s help when someone else has offered to do it for free?

For my actors I plan to pay for their accommodation, food and transport (probably even pay them by the hour too).
And similar for my crew members too.
But how can I put so much money into one person, probably someone I don’t even know, then allow a helpful friend to go without?

I know I have a small budget
& that I should take all the help I can get.
But I also have morals
& friends I want to show my appreciation for.

And this is really eating me up inside right now.

Any advise on what to do?

Be stingy and have more money to make a great film?
Or spend my money on the people who support me to make a mediocre film?

I’m actually leaning towards the latter.
I can also make another film.
I can’t make other friends like this ★


3 thoughts on “Should you pay your crew & actors?

  1. It’s not about being stingy, like you said, these people have offered their help. In my opinion, it would be rude to give them money when they’ve offered it for free.

    The best way to make a film is to find people who are passionate about the project itself, rather than someone who’s out to make money. That way, you’re guaranteed to get a great film, because someone who is passionate will give it their all, whereas someone who only cares about money will only think about that.

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    • That’s very true.
      I would just rather reward the people who are passionate about the film and the idea rather than pay people who are doing it for the money if that makes sense?
      Hopefully I can find a good balance 🙂


      • Then reward them, there’s nothing wrong with that. But a reward can be a bottle of wine, or a nice pizza on the shoot. You don’t have to pay actual money, just give something that shows you appreciate their time.


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