Thank you ♥

Hai guys ♥

I just wanted to say thank you ♥

Today’s a super short post because I’m feeling icky and really need to get back to bed…

I started The Amateur Film Project two weeks ago.
In that short time I’ve received 500 views, made some wonderful friends and got the encouragement I needed to go ahead and pursue my dream of making Frozen Lake.

Above all – I’ve learnt more about myself thanks to you all ★

In real life I have a hard time expressing how I feel.
I often come across as awkward and distant, often contributing to my overall loneliness.
But here it seems so much different.
I feel like the old me.
Being able to write everyday about my experiences and my thoughts has really opened up a part of me that I had thought I had forgotten.

So thank you ♥
Keep sending me your films & scripts.
Keep sending me your thoughts.
Keep being you.

Now back to bed with a cat, a blanket and a cup of tea.


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