Making films & Juggling time

Hai guys ♥

I’m itching to make a short film.

I have so many short films in the pre-production stage.
All have scripts, most have actors and crew attached.
Locations found.
Props and costume bought.
Equipment ready.

Only one thing holding me back: TIME.

I’m in my final year of university.
I have to do a 10 000 word dissertation.
Write a half-decent feature script.
Apply for work experience, apprenticeships and internships.
Attending lectures, tutorials and meetings.

On top of that I’m preparing for Frozen Lake.
As well as trying to earn as much cash as I can only to wave it goodbye to bills.

I try to make time for friends and family so I don’t shut myself off from the world, especially the people who are encouraging me and helping me along my journey.

In the midst of all this I often forget to take care of myself – I’m in serious lack in food and sleep right now. Never finding the moment to take a quick nap or have a meal.

I seem to have the energy to do things.
The drive for it and the resources.
Just never  the time.

As much as I’ve enjoyed university, I can’t wait to leave so I can start making films again.
I wish I can put aside my uni commitments for a couple of  weeks just to feel like I’m not constantly running on overtime and take a breather to do the things I love.

But with only two months until the final hand-in I can’t really afford that luxury. Sigh.

On a happier note, since the deadline isn’t that far away I should hopefully be able to make one of the planned shorts! ♪

So my question to you guys is which short film would you guys be interested in seeing made?

★Cavity : The story of Cavity follows Alex, an obsessed neat-freak, who loses his tooth and is forced to take time off work. He then begins to connect with his young cat- and culture- loving neighbour, Josie, who is the mirror image of his younger self. Their newly found friendship begins to make him question his own idea of happiness and identity, while also being reminded of the emotional trauma that set him in his ways.

★Expecting : Pessimist, punk & pregnant Tanya leaves the sanctuary of her second hand vinyl store in London  to venture home to her biggest fear in Derbyshire: her mother. Reluctantly waiting for the train, Tanya’s hand is grabbed by eight-year-old pony-loving odd-ball, Willow. Without a word he boards the train with her demanding to be taken on an adventure. Amongst the midst of stations and tracks, Tanya desperately tries to find Willow’s parents – learning what it means to be a friend, a daughter and a mother.

★Sweet Nothings : A comedy follow shy & reserved journalist Amber who finally manages to strike a date with hunky coffee barista, Jack. Their date ends with them locked in a passionate embrace at Amber’s house. Jack begins to undress her whilst kissing her neck and whispering blissful nonsense into her ear. Amber’s steamy fantasises finally becoming reality… until she hears what Jack is actually whispering into her ear.



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