Listening to Filmmakers


Last night, I was lucky to have had the opportunity to listen to Kim Longinotto talk about her documentary Dreamcatcher (2015).

It was quite suitable to spend international women’s day with one of Britain’s greatest filmmakers ★

I spend a lot of time  listening to filmmakers.
Mostly through podcasts, interviews and articles, sometimes I get lucky on twitter and manage to have a chat with a couple of well-known filmmakers. Hurray for the power of the internet!

I also follow blogs of new filmmakers, often commenting on their stuff, sharing it around and having  a chat with them over facebook, skype or even the phone.It’s nice to listen people who are as enthusiastic about filmmaking as much as I am.

And it was wonderful to listen to Kim Longinotto last night.

Her film really touched me.
I could see my self in the teenage girls within the film; dealing with their issues on their own, never speaking up and hiding it from the world.
Until now.
Talking about their most deepest and darkest of secrets on camera.
Breaking the silence and revealing the ‘taboo’.
These women were so strong and brave to talk.
Something I yearn to do and yearn to be.
But I’m terrified of revealing the times I was strong out of fear of admitting I was once weak.

That is why Kim’s film had made such an impact on me.

At first I thought that maybe I had misinterpreted the film and that I was just placing my own past and feelings onto someone else’s work.

“We all watch films differently… I hope that people will see a bit of themselves in the film.”

Throughout her Q&A, I never asked any questions.
She had already answered everything I needed to know in that one sentence.

Kim Longinotto didn’t make this documentary to make a stand or a point about anything.
She made it in hope that it would mean something to people.

With a small crew, 10 weeks and the wonderful Brenda Myers-Powell, Kim made a film that gave me a chance to reflect upon myself, as well as give me hope as a woman and as a filmmaker.

I want to make Frozen Lake more than ever.
To give a part of me to the world in hope that someone finds a part of themselves within that.

Thank you Kim Longinotto for that talk and thank you for making Dreamcatcher ♥





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