Encouragement ♥


I’m always shocked by how much other people’s words affect me.
Be it positive or negative.

I’m not talking about me as a person.
I know who I am. No one can change that ★
I’m talking about my actions and the things I strive to do.
In this case: making a feature film.

I finished the first draft of Frozen Lake on 1st February 2016.
That same day, I decided I was making it into a feature film.
I wanted to rush out and tell as many people as I could – get other people as excited as I was.

“I’m going to make a film!”
“Cool. Another short?”
“A feature ♥”


“That’s a big project.”
“Shouldn’t you do something a bit more realistic?”
“You won’t have the time when you’re working.”
“Shouldn’t you use your money for something more important?”
“What’s the point?”

It was soul crushing to say the least.
I mean… not soul crushing enough to make me give up.
But soul crushing enough for me to not want to share my enthusiasm.

So I began planning in private, keeping most of the details to myself and only entrusting them to people who I thought would be helping me.
My enthusiasm would begin to grow again, my excitement would leak out and I would end up blabbing again.

“You’re making a feature?”
“YES ♥ Frozen Lake! The post-apocalyptic one set after a nuclear war.”
“Oh nice. I’d love to help but…”
“I don’t really want my first feature to be shit.”

Uhm… what..?

I was getting pretty down.
I wasn’t giving up and I was still very much excited about the whole idea.
But I felt alone.

Their words did sting and they did put doubt in my mind.


There will always be those select few ♥
Those people who will give you the encouragement you need. Whose words and support erase all those traces of doubt implanted by people who are so sure of your failure.

And for me there were three.
Three sources of encouragement and from three very unexpected people.
My usually unambitious friend: “Make it. I want to watch that film”
My usually logical fellow screenwriter: “This makes me so happy. Good on you!”
& my usually pessimistic lecturer: “You have what you need. There are no rules. Just do it.”

Creativity and ambition creates amazing things.
Encouragement drives creativity and ambition.

Without encouragement your favourite book/film/show/ video-game/song/painting/play may have never come into existence. Everyone needs encouragement.

So thank you for encouraging me.
Those words may have meant nothing to you, but they meant a whole lot to me ♥

From this day on, no matter how crazy or ludicrous an idea may be…
I will support.
I will invest.
I will love.
I will encourage ♥




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