Film Insurance?

Quarry 1

I’m only a few weeks into the preproduction of Frozen Lake and I’ve hit my first real hurdle. Film insurance.
That’s a thing? Apparently so.

My university film course’s insurance covers its students during the making of their short films. As long as the students fill in the right paperwork, get the approval (yada yada) then they are covered.  Great!

So I sent my lecturer an email essentially asking if I can piggy back off of the university’s insurance for my feature:
“Yes, the insurance you will cover you…”
“Yaaaah ♥”
“…whist you’re a student.”
I’m graduating this year.
I have the script ready, but not much else. There’s no way in hell I will be able to shoot everything before graduation.

Google became my best friend for the next few days.
Film insurance is a thing? Oh yeah. It’s definitely a thing. And you’re going to need it.
You are liable for your cast, your crew, the equipment you use & the locations you film at.
Anything goes wrong – it’s on you. You need that insurance.

It’s not that easy.
I contacted a few insurance brokers.
So many questions.
So many question that I couldn’t answer.
“How many crew members will there be?”
“What’s your budget?”
“What is the worse case scenario for that location?”
“What is the death rate around that area?”
“Anybody rich and powerful that you will potentially offend with this film”?
They sent me away.
I didn’t have the information they needed and all my pre-production planning wasn’t set in stone yet.

So then I went out location hunting.
I found this beautiful abandoned quarry that would work perfectly for a short scene in Frozen Lake.

The words “abandoned” and “quarry” will automatically give you flashbacks from every public information film ever to exist.
I contacted the people who owned it.
“Do you have insurance?”

So now I’m in a catch-22.
I can’t secure the locations I want to film at because I don’t have the insurance.
I can’t secure the film insurance because I don’t have the locations.

If anyone can even think of a way out of this – PLEASE DO TELL!
But for now I will do what I always do: drink endless amounts of coffee, get on the phone and pray for the best ♥


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