I’ve never made a feature film.
I’m not a professional filmmaker.
I’m an amateur, bumbling her way through a film degree.
But that’s okay.
I am an amateur and I’m proud.
I’m proud to be making my first feature. My way.
I don’t need a big budget.
I don’t need the most expensive equipment.
I don’t need a big crew.
I don’t need any of these to succeed.
I will make this film.

Instagram - The Leap

Let nothing hold you back.
Dream big.
This is our story.


2 thoughts on “Amateur

  1. I’m excited for you. There are many parallels between us as aspiring filmmakers. We’ve experienced film similarly. That is, of being late to the game and consuming the past as quickly as possible, and perhaps being stuck there, and being left wondering were our place is in the modern market. I’ll be watching this blog intently. Best of luck 🙂

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